Marketing Basics

Here’s some free info on Marketing I’ve learned over the last couple of years. I put this together for the folks who turned up for the Crystal Caves Community Coffee Meetup! Get on the Meetup group if you’re interested in that (see below). A good portion of this content comes from things I learned in […]


  I wrote this right before MASSIVE change and upheaval of just about every aspect of my life. Yesterday, I shared with my barista (Brittany of Houndstooth “Frosties”) my theory of Complacency versus Contentment. She challenged me to consider the Venn Diagram and what would be in the middle. It brought me back to the […]

What’s Up with Whole30?

My Experiment with Whole30: In case you don’t keep up with all the new diet and nutrition theories, like I do, Whole30 is a radical reduction diet to access the effects of diet-induced inflammation in the body. As the name suggests, Whole30 is designed to detoxify the system for 30 days, during which time you […]