Austin Women’s Empowerment Training Group

Are you a self-identifying female who has ever struggled with asserting yourself, dealing with others pressuring you, psychologically or emotionally abusing you, attempting to dominate you, or enter your space without your permission?

Have you been physically violated? Ever been mugged or raped? Sorry to be direct, but this happens. MORE THAN 25% of women have been assaulted. This means if you know 50 women, you know 12-13 women who have been abused. You might even be one of them. The factors surrounding abuse, controlling behavior and domestic violence are extremely complex.

But we don’t care about stats. We want to feel fearless and free. No amount of statistics can help you with that. No person can give it to you. You can’t buy it in a store. You’ve got to get down in the dirt and the muck of your own weakness and drag yourself up.


So I’m ecstatic to announce the founding of The Austin Women’s Empowerment Training Group. This is a donation-based, forum-style collaborative endeavor.

Students will learn: defensive and offensive techniques, physical and mental endurance, internal empowerment, psychological self-reliance, fortification of will, how to use awareness to avoid danger, and MUCH MORE.

Instructors will benefit: Sharing within a group of dynamic and powerful women, finding dedicated long-term students for your specialty, learning other arts and teaching styles.

This will begin as a general class to build in basics, combined with some fighter fitness and yoga/meditation, but I envision it growing organically as the group evolves.

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Please join us and RISE UP for yourself and women everywhere. SHARE with your friends! Let’s raise a community of people who are FEARLESS and FREE.

If you’re not in Austin but you want to participate or benefit, get on my list and email me. We live in a global world. The only real boundaries exist within our own limitation to overcome our circumstances.

Won’t you join us?