I wrote this right before MASSIVE change and upheaval of just about every aspect of my life. Yesterday, I shared with my barista (Brittany of Houndstooth “Frosties”) my theory of Complacency versus Contentment. She challenged me to consider the Venn Diagram and what would be in the middle. It brought me back to the first time I met my boyfriend, and his explanation of a relationship with a Venn Diagram.

Each person is a circle, and the sliver which they share is the relationship. This recalled to my mind my own tendency toward binary thinking.

Patience keeps coming through for me, a need to wait-and-see, a realization that the center of the diagram is Acceptance.

That sometimes, what we need most is to get a real feel for the present, not to be plowing through to the next frontier, but to really sink in and develop true familiarity with the current landscape. Take a turn around the room. So, here’s my poem:


April 19, 2017


I’ve been having bliss paralysis


I’ve hit a sweet spot in equilibrium

I don’t really want to progress


It is in resonance.


Maybe its the season

The season of Contentedness

There isn’t anything to resist


Circle back and reinvest

Be one with the family

Not pushing to infinity

Ride the Synchronicity.