Hey Y’all, its Spring!

That means there’s a lot of “in with the new” exuberance out there! Maybe you’re planning a trip, maybe you’ve just returned from one, or maybe you’re looking at your house and thinking, “its time to move all the furniture!”

We each respond to this newness energy in different ways. Maybe you’re feeling a bit frisky? I don’t know!

But what about Spring Cleaning? People love to talk about it. It is warmer now, so you’re thinking about cleaning out that garage or the attic. Maybe you just want to clear some space up for Spring Fashion Season.

Feng Shui teaches us the great benefit of clearing up our spaces. A clean home=a clean mind. Clutter and dust collecting around your home reflects on the clutter in your mind! Have you ever tried to study or work on a cluttered desk? How many times are you distracted by the impulse to clean it up, or frustration and guilt that you didn’t already?

In his book, The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard talks about the preciousness of objects, that every object should be cared for and treasured. Is every. Single. Thing in your home treasured and cared for? What about that box of junk you’ve moved with three times and no longer remember the contents? Do you groan out load everytime you look at it, “What is in there? Ughhhh.” Then close the closet back up and forget about it for a while again?

Here’s a few ideas to help you surmount the hurdle of purging and lightening your load!


This is an absolute renegade idea and is totally compassionate to your lazy-ass. I use it all the time because I do get super busy and sometimes laundry and dishes and such falls to the back-burner. You can actually USE this IDGAF about chores strategy to create space in your life.

First, stop doing chores for a week or so. However long it takes to go through all the things you like/love and wear/use as habit. This includes dishes, clothes, shoes, whatever. Just get a little whatever about the mess. Take some time off from being the immaculate housekeeper I’m sure you are usually.

Second, once all your stuff is used and you’ve hit the “I have NOTHING to wear,” and “I guess we’re ordering in,” spot, go ahead and order your food, then take a hard look at your cupboards and closets.


I’ll bet there’s still stuff in there. GET RID OF IT. Don’t bother to think of how it is useful, might be useful, someone could use it, etc. Box or bag it up and kiss it goodbye.

*EXCEPTION: Seasonal Items you actually used in that last season. Coats, serving dishes, etc. If you’ve used it within the past year, you can keep it. If you’ve gone through a whole cycle of seasons and it is collecting spiders and dust, donate it.

Pick a thrift store on your route to school, work, whatever, and leave that stuff there. Donating to a family-home charity is another options. These donations are a tax write-off if you get a receipt.

Now, clean out all your containers: cabinets, dressers, closets, so on. Go ahead and take the time to make sure everything is clean. NOW, clean your stuff and take one more assessment of each item as your put everything back: Is it precious, is it useful? When we take the time to truly value the things we have, we come to treasure our things in a healthy way, not like a hoarder. How many spatulas do you really need, anyway?

For more on the beauty and simplicity of Minimalism, check out these two amazing guys and their network of lifestyle philosophers: http://bit.ly/MinimizeYourLife.

  • What About The Rest?

This process doesn’t really confront the buried stuff. So, here’s another strategy for you to sort out the stuff that is sitting in boxes, year after year:

Pretend you’re moving, and you only have one box truck and one weekend. You need to -quickly- sort through all the junk and stuff that you’re hanging onto for a “someday,” to decide if it worth the haul to a new place. Picture your new place as being a clean, efficient, organized, whatever you love about feeling cleared-out and organized.

Ask yourself the same questions, “Is it useful? Is it precious?” Go ahead and re-box everything. Yes, it will take some time and some attention. The way to success is to be absolutely brutal.


Take out the knife of self-discipline and cut that shit out. It isn’t serving you, so why keep it? Sell it, donate it, whatever. Personally, the benefit of being clear and free far outweighs the labor of trying to find people to buy my old stuff. Blech, just thinking about it is exhausting!


You did a GREAT job! REWARD yourself. Go out a buy a book, a new dress, shirt, shoes, whatever. Maybe you are a fashionista and you need that next new woredrobe for the season. Cool! Whatever you value, that’s what you should keep close. The rest of it is just “stuff!”

Let it go and set yourself free!

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