This coursework was compiled and taught by my first-ever spiritual teacher (starting at age 5!), a family friend named Keith Shaffer. I have permission to distribute this information, from my family to yours, for the future promise of humanity. Unintentional living is a fast-track to an empty and regret-filled life. A world full of individuals living unintentionally makes for a highly-manipulated population that doesn’t questions control mechanisms or status quo. Our ability to organize around the highest good for our species or our current home, the Earth-ship, has been undermined by unconscious living at every level of human relationship. When you reach the end of your time, will you feel you did all could could, or just flopped through life without realizing you were wasting your time? Of all the powerful methods I teach, the MOST VITAL is the ability to hone and refine your own mind, to make of your mind an ally and a tool for conscious evolution and no longer an enemy or self-saboteur. What follows here is a course in focused meditative practice in intentional thought. If you’ve struggled with mediation, or you’re looking for a way to intensify your current practice, this course is the jam you’ve been looking for! Please watch the intro video below to get started:

STEP ONE: The Attention Technique

The MOST important part of this practice is building consistency for it over time. The greatest CHALLENGE is to figure out how to do it in the flow of your life. You must make a COMMITMENT. You must realize that others won’t understand, will distract you, ask questions out of sheer curiosity, without regard to disturbing your attention! COMMIT TO YOURSELF and your practice above all else. You can do the best for others ONLY when you are committed to yourself and showing up as YOUR BEST POSSIBLE SELF everyday, whatever that means in that day or that moment. The Attention Technique is a small laboratory you participate every single waking hour of your day. It will SHOW YOU exactly where you are in terms of commitment, self-discipline and the ability to focus and manifest your INTENT.

How to do The Attention Technique:

  • Concentrate your RELAXED attention on a single point either close or in the distance
  • Completely clear your mind and thought of all else but that one point
  • When you start to waver, shift your attention to a second point and repeat
  • Repeat for a third focal point (this will be a short duration as your attention has been “worked over” and is tired by now)
  • Minimum requirement is SEVEN waking hours for THIRTY days
  • CONTACT ME for the mind-blowing second part of the technique once you’ve met the above requirement and can show me proof!
  • RESULT: You life and thinking will be forever transformed!

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Lessons for Living Are Below!

The above first lesson, the Attention Technique, is the most important lesson for humanity now. If you commit yourself to this technique, you can develop a honed and refined mind and intent (Yi). You will be able to place your attention on thoughts, plans and actions that are meaningful and productive. You will retrain yourself to filter out or ignore the obsessive, compulsive, recurring “thought merry-go-round” or “Infernal Dialogue” as my step-dad likes to call it. Using this technique as the foundation, you can then proceed to customize affirmations and thought-forms that suit your manifestation intentions. What follows here is the rest of the Lessons for Living, which will walk you through some of the basics of how our internal program can be consciously shifted by our applied attention, for unconscious, inherited programming, to CONSCIOUS programming of our intent. It is my belief that this technology can assist humanity starting with each individual who undertakes the daunting takes of systematically confronting bias and other unconscious thought-programs. This program is offered absolutely free to anyone on the path of conscious personal growth and development. Please enjoy, and leave a comment on FB or tag me in a post on IG @instantpracticalembodiment if you find this technology useful for your life!

Special Message from Kate:

I believe in the power of conscious intent to overcome any perceived obstacle. True creativity is the ability to find “the way through” any challenge. If you’ve found this page, it means you are on the path of a truly mind-blowing journey of self-discovery. You are now stepping into your true power as an incarnate being: imbued with Divine creative-life-force and ready to contribute positively to the collective consciousness that connects and supports all life. I believe in you, and I’m SO PROUD of you (and all of us!) for taking on this difficult but rewarding work in self-growth. “Keep up, and you will be kept up!” Thank you for being here with us in this life. Much love and many blessings to your and your loved ones. Never forget: we are in the Garden of Paradise, gifted incarnation out of all the disembodied beings, all waiting for their opportunity to have a chance in the laboratory of life. What we do with this gift in this time and place is our CHOICE.

Choose in consciousness, my loves!

Forever Yours in Conscious Evolution,

Kate Marina Holmes

“This is the garden, dig it!”

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