Instant Practical Embodiment on the Become Alpha Podcast

What is Embodiment? Why Does it Matter? How Can I Feel Better NOW?

I’m SO pleased with the way this podcast turned out. Sam Hill is our insightful guide and demonstrator as we talk and walk through the most essential basics of Embodiment.

Sam started the Become Alpha Podcast as an outlet to explore and share what he was learning on his quest to de-program himself and become the purest version of his inner expression. Not unlike the goals of yoga! Sam’s background is incredibly diverse, and includes being a personal trainer in cross-fit, bio-mechanics, ancient studies and self-study in a variety of physical and esoteric fields.

The ideas we discuss in this podcast are based in yoga, that’s my wheel-house, but as discussed in the cast, proper physical alignment is generally the same across all forms of seated meditation as well as physical fitness, and especially emphasized in martial arts. Why is that?

When the spine is in proper alignment and grounded to the Earth, we are able to connect and power our movement directly from the source.

This gives us stability, freedom of movement and the ability to sense and adapt to changes in our environment and our bodies.

This helps promote our awareness and attention to -include- our bodies in a very real and practical way, which connects us back to our personal power.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • why attention matters, and how to use it to improve your life.
  • how to sit properly for meditation
  • the best way to align your hips and pelvis to minimize pain, tension and stress
  • what the word embodiment means, and how to use this technique to achieve the awareness needed to thrive in our fast-paced, modern world.
  • If you have no patience, simply skip down to the last 10 minutes for the most practical distillation of useful technique that will start to change your life in 5min/day!


Check it out now!

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