I’m not very disciplined by nature…

It took me a LONG time to figure out that I was sabotaging my own success. I was extremely lazy, procrastinated everything and blamed my circumstances for my unhappiness. 

I am very lucky, because I have a phenomenal teacher and coach, who helped me realize that I was getting in my own way of success.


I had a fixed mindset around progress and practice. I would spend precious time “getting ready” and “making things perfect” before I could start training. I had to change my clothes, clean the floors, wash dishes, drink some water, etc, etc. 

What Changed?

My coach reminded me, “you have to get in where you fit in.” (Not his exact words!) Basically, if you only have 5 minutes, use them. Don’t think about it, don’t question it. Just have some tools ready in your arsenal and DO IT FOR FIVE MINUTES. Getting over that initial hurdle of actually doing, will give you a confidence boost and the energy and excitement to do even more.

A Few Tips:

  •  Modify and adapt your lifestyle around making the MOST out of the little time you have.  For me, that meant making sure all of my clothes were yoga-friendly, that my shoes slipped on and off easily and that I always pack an extra shirt or a hoodie in case I get sweaty. Hairtie and bluetooth headphones also have become my life blood.
  • Play the long game. Commit to a minimum of 5 minutes a day, for the rest of your life. Once you get used to squeezing it in, you’ll naturally want to do 10, 15, 30, you get the idea. Some days you will do the lion’s share of the work, but EVERY day you will do SOMETHING. That consistency will give you the motivation to stick with it. Miss a day? Be gentle with yourself and keep going. Changing our habits takes focus and determination.
  • Set up your spaces and tools so you can transition easily.
  • For a while, become obsessed. Like anything, our relationship with our goals evolves, is dynamic and at times, confusing. After you break through the initial habit of just doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING related to your goal AT LEAST once a day, try to become a bit of a fanatic. Dive deep into research, log more minutes per day, log hours. Eat, sleep and breathe your new practice. Eventually, you will get tired of it, but you will have made the initial stretch which will make your couple of minutes a day even more meaningful. 
  • This technique can be applied to almost any new habit or practice. I’m using it now to build my business. I use it for meditation, to gauge my fitness and activity levels, to practice guitar, even to remember to balance my time with my children. Try it everywhere!