Transform Your Relationship with Yourself

YOU are the driver of your experience. The power to change your life is in your hands. I will guide you and train you on a customized toolkit. What you build with your life is up to you. It will be work. When you’re ready to begin the work of self-evolution, join my new client Beta Program.

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What my clients love to work on:

  • Deep Self-Assurance – This goes beyond confidence. This is a deep-seated sense of self-possession, without ego. We learn the tools to experience ourselves holistically and without bias. You will learn to adjust who you are in real time, balancing your ideals with reality.
  • Confronting Reality – Once we develop the tools to actually see reality, we then must develop strategies to accept the truth of our situation. From there we can cultivate strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Healthy Boundaries – So many of us were not raised with healthy boundaries. We carry these familiar patterns into our new relationships unconsciously. We will learn and practice new tools for the relationships you want to create with current and new partners.
  • Character Development – Everyone has positive and negative traits. We work together to develop the desirable traits and how actions and choices can make your character shine through in all your interactions. We minimize the negative by promoting healthy habits in alignment with your goals.
  • Leadership Strategies – My clients come to me as an unbiased ally and sounding board. Unconscious patterning could be undermining your ability to grow and develop as a leader. 
  • Deepen Spiritual/Yogic Practice – How do you stay on the path to your best self, when the stakes are high and sometimes it feels like a grind? We have tools and techniques for this! My clients love resiliency training and learn to develop their fortitude over the course of working with me.

Together, we will take all the puzzle pieces and compare them to your “big picture” goals. You will learn techniques to replace your bad habits. You will find that stable core of self where you are unquestioningly yourself, completely safe and 100% capable to captain your ship.

If your relationships feel ineffective or dissatisfying, I can help you develop a new strategy, while addressing the triangle of your personal development: Body/Mind/Emotion. 

Physical development is only one essential piece of the pyramid of your total self. “YOU” are a complex system of interactions. Your mind is capable of more than 1,000 thoughts per second. Any one of those thoughts can become a fixation around which you develop an attachment. When imbalanced in our sense of self, we confuse our attachments with our identity. In reality, our identity is constantly changing and is more vast than the average person will ever realize. QUIT PLAYING THE AVERAGE GAME.

My clients are maximizing their potential and attaining “the impossible.” 

When you are ready for more, book a consultation with me via phone or email! Consultations are always free and you will gain some powerful insights and perspective from about an hour’s worth of your time. If we decide to work together, I offer customized programs based around your needs and goals. If you’re looking for something a little lighter and less personalized, bookmark this page and follow on IG, where I will update with content as I’m developing digital-based programming. 

For Corporate Clients and Groups:

I offer customized class programming for your staff or group:

  • Meditation
  • Functional Fitness
  • Practical Self-Defense
  • Stretching for the Office
  • Yoga for Relaxation
  • Yoga and Mediation for High Performers
  • Functional Support for Active Lifestyles
  • Weight Loss
  • How to Stop Bad Habits
  • Martial Arts Fitness
  • Better Living Through Better Posture
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Body Confidence for Computer Nerds

In-house Executive Coaching: I will meet your executives in their offices, on their schedules, to teach stress-management techniques, Service Leadership, Non-Violent Communication, Yogic Toolkit for Public Speaking, Mediation Toolbox, How to be a Mentor, Deep Listening, Work/Life Balance and more.

Most of the information out there around these topics is regurgitated and limited. Glossy IG pics and catchy quotes will not help you transform into a better version of you. It seems more and more rare to find authentic people willing to do the real work of self. That is why I created Instant Practical Embodiment: To show you which things you can have RIGHT NOW, which things require a deeper dive, and what is realistic for you and your experience. So, if you are READY to dive in, call or email me.

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