“Who looks outside: dreams,

Who looks inside: awakes.”

– Carl Jung

“Are you dead or are you sleeping?” -Modest Mouse

We exist in an externally-referential culture. Our brains are built within the external contexts in which we were raised. Many of us never question this unconscious patterning, or seek to change it.

Like any computer program, your mind can be re-coded.

The tools to consciously re-pattern our neural pathways have always been available to us. We can create the type of thoughts, patterns and perspectives we desire.


We use our awareness to attune to the internal rhythms and patterns within. Through Meditation, Embodiment and Conscious application of your mind, you will learn who you have been and glimpse the infinite potential of your truly capability. From there, your reconstruction can begin.

Symbols contain power.

We practice charging symbols with intention. These symbols become the connected to the nodes of electrical impulses in our brains that redirect our thought patterns into channels we want, as opposed to habituated patterns we don’t want.

When you aren’t consciously focusing your mind, you become a victim to your unconcious.

Who’s code are you running?

Is it something you chose, or simply “the way you’ve always been?”

Caduceus, Staff of Thoth, Winged Serpents

In this case, the staff represents the spinal column, the snakes represent the two kinds of knowledge, passive and active, as well as all three representing the main Nadis within the body. The wings represent the full expression and potential of human consciousness. WE ARE THE ANGELS. We are walking in Divinity, everyday.

You are perfect and whole in creation. You have all the tools available to you. The only thing missing, is your acceptance and full realization of your Infinite Potential to create yourself and co-create the shared experience. The world needs us to wake up, to turn on our inner light and to shine into one another’s hearts and minds.

Join Us. Sat Nam.

The First and Most Crucial Lesson:
1. Align to your Center
2. Breathe
3. Ascend