Hello and Welcome to Instant Practical Embodiment!

I’m Kate and I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here.

Like many others, I’ve struggled with feeling good, safe and satisfied in my body for most of my life.

I’ve battled with mental and emotional health, struggled to find a sense of purpose, bounced around in my weight, my diet…I’ve floundered through every part of being a human in this mixed-up, flash-in-the-pan world.

I’ve struggled SO MUCH and I’ve been WITNESS to so much struggle and suffering in others. Ever since I found a path, all I want to do is SHARE with the WORLD so we can ALL RISE UP. We NEED this, for ourselves, for our families, for our work and for the future.

WHY do we suffer and struggle, when the answers are so super-simple and right in front of us?

The answer can feel hard, and the truth hurts!

ONLY YOU can take your life by the reigns and start living fully in the present moment, right now.

I found my answer in one simple truth:

Instant. Practical. Embodiment.

The path lead me through deep studies in philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, theater, literature, art, yoga, martial arts, dance…pretty much any way that we experience and express our sense of being.

I was curious to find some distillation of a pure and powerful TRUTH. If you’re curious to know what that is, keep reading…

Every belief system claims to hold access to profound truths, yet few seem to agree. Or they require your loyalty, years of study with a master and initiations in order to reveal this secret.

Is there one clear “Ultimate Truth” to reality and human existence?

The TRUTH is MUCH simpler than most will admit and its inherent simplicity is the REASON this truth is buried in traditions, rituals and rites of passage.


This world moves faster everyday.

Our time is PRECIOUS.

Time for self-care is RARE.

Only by awakening individuals to ONE, SIMPLE TRUTH, can we create paradise on Earth and live in our full potential as a species. OUR WORLD NEEDS US TO WAKE UP. We have the ability to consciously re-create ourselves and our world, but it won’t happen by accident. We must educate ourselves and grow up into our awareness and in order to do so, we need to look within and quit relying on someone else, or some institution, to solve our problems for us.


Conscious Embodiment in Physical Form.

WHAT? What does it mean?!

It simply means that to live fully, you must be here fully.

You must master yourself, body, mind and spirit. Only through self-mastery can you truly live to your full potential. I WANT TO HELP YOU FREE YOURSELF.

I have ONE MISSION in this life: To EMPOWER people to be their absolute BEST.

My special interest is in Helping the Helpers, meaning that if you are someone who serves people, either as a teacher, healer, guide, parent, so on, then I am here to serve and help you.

My goal is to help you become stronger, more capable and more empowered in your path and your spirit, so that you can help raise humanity up while taking the BEST care of yourself and achieving your personal goals.

If you find yourself here, you’re probably a lot like me: you see SO MUCH content out there! Which path do you follow to make the simple, practical improvements that will change your life, RIGHT NOW, TODAY and FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

You have no time to waste researching, comparing and restarting. You just want to start doing what will work. You want to start feeling better: right now. You want something you can start right now and keep with you: anywhere, anytime. You want to do it on your terms, on your schedule, and you want help available when you need it. You have arrived!

Change is extremely hard. You need a support network and reasonable goals to achieve success. And it all starts right now, so CLICK BELOW.

Start Your Journey Toward Ultimate Awareness Now