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Along the path of our evolution, we benefit from the assistance and support of those who are experienced and specialized as guides, mentors and healers. Early on our path, it can be easy to project our unhealthy attachments on to these figures or medicines as our sole source of progress and growth. It is vital that as we pick and choose practices and journeys to try, that we work with individuals who have healthy boundaries, are expert in their practice, and have non-attachment in their work. These practitioners focus on the meaning of their work and helping people generally, are not attached to keeping you as a source of income (i.e., keeping you sick or dependent!) but rather maintain their connection to their work in and of itself and do their own growth work and evolution. In this spirit, I’m sharing practitioners whom I have personally vetted and see for my own progression down the path. I receive no kickbacks or finder’s fee for this list, nor can I speak to the availability or interest in their taking you on. These are people I trust and either know personally, or have come to know and trust their work ethic in the field.

Bryan Broussard, ABT, LMT, Martial Arts Instructor, Mediation Instructor

What can I say? Bryan has a very solid grasp on the practical tools necessary for full embodiment in the material body. I would not be where I am without his guidance, friendship and mentorship. Bryan is based in Rapid City, but can teach meditation and martial arts remotely, as well as provide mentorship for practitioners. Highly recommend as an example of embodied Divine Masculine. Full disclosure: he is also an Crystalis Agency client.

Siri Bahadur Khalsa, Master Kundalini Instructor

My spiritual teacher and mentor, Siri Bahadur is an expert in the practice of and holding space in Shuniya, the yogic central balancing point from which all realities extend. His meditation teachings and sounds healing sessions will absolutely alter you to your next level. Locally to Austin, he also has a Sound Healing Table which provides a healing experience like no other. He is also quite charming and another example of the Divine Embodied Masculine. Full disclosure: also a client of Crystalis Agency Services.

Devon Hornby and Dixie Hornby, L.Ac.

Devon is one of the go-to people for Asian bodywork in Austin. My coach’s instructor, Qi Gong instructor and practitioner, and martial arts practitioner. His style is both gentle and effective and his coaching through the session is excellent. I always feel blissful and super happy when I see Devon, because I know we will make serious gains in structural issues and tension patterns.

Dixie’s acupuncture sessions are deep and simultaneously nurturing. Her energy is kind, caring and concerned about your progress and healing. Dixie will go around the world if she thinks she can help you move the needle on your issues. Personally, I try to book sessions with them back-to-back, then give myself 48 hours to see how truly amazing and how much further down the path we’ve gotten. With their support and treatments, I’ve unlocked decades of tension patterning in my jaw, neck and shoulders and improved my balance, quality of life and my speed, power and accuracy in martial arts.

Linda Tenberg, L.Ac.

Linda offers acupuncture and Asian bodywork and has a very functional, no-nonsense and practical approach. Her method is gentle but effective.

Maggie Bencivenga

Healing stone adornments, custom “birthed” malas, intentional jewelry.

Danika, Love Kambo

Danika is the newest contact on this list, but I was instantly disarmed by her easy grace and cheerfulness and felt instantly that she is a sister and fellow seeker on the path. She takes the respect for the origins of the medicines she facilitates seriously, studies their history, their ethical sourcing, and travels to train in the local regions with the ancestral lineage from which they can be found. In addition, her goodwill, love and genuine desire to support others on the path is all around her and her healing sanctuary. If you’re interested in indigenous medicines, I highly recommend partnering with Danika on your journey. I had a profound psycho-somatic healing experience with Kambo related to grief stored in my womb and hips.

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