Welcome to a safe space for your growth and development. From a young age, I felt an awareness of great pain in the world and wondered how to help. The question of consciousness and what that means for everyday life, is my obsession. Facilitating the journey for others along the path has become my passion.

From philosophy, psychology, through physical training, yoga, martial arts, energy work and personalized ritual services, we explore the journey of embodiment.

All your experiences are a form of medicine; there’s good medicine and just plain old medicine. Take your medicine and keep it moving. On to the next level.

-Kate Holmes


  • Officiant Services (Minister Registered with Universal Life Church Ministry)
  • Ritual Services, including Sacred Tattoo (hand-poke, no machine is used)
  • Energetic Reading/Healing (Reiki, healing stones, chakra balancing)
  • Personal Trainer/Coaching Services (Certified Personal Trainer, Somatic Fitness Certified)
  • Self-Defense Instruction, privates and group classes (psychic and physical)
  • Kundalini Yoga privates and group classes ( Level 1 Certified Instructor)
  • Meditation privates and group classes
  • Path-matching; intuitive recommendations to support your path as a healer
  • I also offer Agency services and professional consulting for well-preneurs and artists: see my website crystalisagency.com for more information!

What to Expect from 1-1 Coaching

Choosing a coach is an important commitment to yourself, your development and all your relationships. When we make the decision to take impeccable care of ourselves, work on our shadows and integrate, we open more fully to the world and our true potential. Our relationships are imbued with deeper meaning, and we feel more confident to let things go and trust our connection to Source. Here’s a rough breakdown of what a coaching package looks like when you commit to a 6-month or more package, which you can purchase and pay for here:

Once Weekly Meetings

1. Check-in on Your Goals, including psycho-spiritual health. (15-20 minutes)

We will review the template based off previous sessions, and adjust our plan as needed. How you’re feeling about your progress is key. The best part of private coaching, is that we customize based on how you’re evolving along in the process. Its your show, I’m just the facilitator to get you moving on your goals.

2. Physical Training (45 minutes)

My unique approach to person training is rooted in the safe and free expression of the body. We will work to open up stuck or tight areas of the body, improve joint mobility for performance and long-term health, and build strength and flexibility with power using a variety of martial-based calisthenics and yoga. Depending on your goals, we will work to improve your embodiment with increased joy and confident control of your physical expression.

3. Breathwork and Meditation (15-20 minutes)

Physical training is the perfect lead-in to a meditative practice. All clients are expected to have seated time and build up to a once daily practice. We will seed this foundation in our weekly sessions, as well as cover any questions or concerns that arise.

4. Integration and Rest (10-20 minutes)

The wrap session may include sound bath, guided relaxing meditation and more. This is also a time to ask questions to integrate anything that came up during the session, or any questions about homework for the week.

Your First Session

When you commit to a coaching package with me, you get some excellent perks! In addition to once weekly sessions, we will have an initial consultative session where I will walk you through your personal profile reading on a live call. This is an additional $210 package, 100% included in your total package price for 6-months of coaching ($2500, less than $100 per session at 26 sessions!) The total value for these services ala carte would be $3,460, this is a significant reduction for those who are ready to commit to a true life change! I commit my time to your development, and I’m willing to give you a package price for committing energetically and financially to your development. In this first session, I will offer suggestions based on what I see in your chart, and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the aspects of your chart, how you’re feeling about your life now, and where you’d like to take the next steps. We will build your coaching strategy based off this conversation. I can’t wait to learn all about you and how I can help you move the needle on your life goals!

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