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Engagement Agreement

You are engaging in a coaching relationship with me as a facilitator. Upon entering this agreement, you confirm sole responsibility for your progress in our time working together. With all types of growth work, you will progress at your own pace. While I can estimate investment duration and frequencies specific to your case, I cannot predict your path (and neither can you!) Non-compliance to homework, practices, reading suggestions, scheduled appointments, etc., is detrimental to your progress and our partnership for your success. We make a mutual commitment to your success in this process. However, I am not responsible for the amount of energy and time you invest in your own growth process. I am responsible for providing the tools and support you need to take the next step in your mind/body/spirit evolution and serving as a guide through your process. However, only you can integrate these tools to improve yourself. Extended excuses, delays, reschedules and cancellations may result in increased rates or an end to our arrangement, with or without compensation, at my discretion based on your situation.


Please consult your current healthcare provider prior to scheduling with me. Embodied movement therapies apply to all body types, all levels of health and recovery. I am not liable for injuries; please listen to your provider and listen to your internal wisdom during our sessions. Communicate with me so I can best support your unique situation. I am currently covered by Next insurance as a fitness instructor. Click to see my live certificate.


Standard 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule without penalty to you. Cancellations without respect to this policy are subject to billing for the full hour before a reschedule may be booked. If I need to move your appointment for any reason, I will do my best to provide 48 hours + notice, and you will not be charged. Consistent scheduling issues may result in being dropped as a client with or without refund.

Types of Work, Allergens, Medical Needs

You are 100% responsible to notify me of any medical concerns, allergies or sensitivities. I will always obtain your consent prior to using a tool or practice with you. Please communicate clearly so we can both feel safe and do good work together. I am not liable for injuries, damages, medical expenses, lost time at work or any other impairment or inconvenience that results from a reaction to any tool or practice we have communicated about prior to use.

Current Fee Schedule

Private Hourly Coaching is currently $55/hr base. Longer commitments result in customized pricing. Incentives offered for full payment up front for all packages. The more commitment I see from you, the more I am willing to work with you and the more I’m able to help you move the needle on your goals. I will allow one family member to join your physical-based practice at this rate (embodied movement sessions only.) Occasionally, especially in the case of ancestral work, energetic and karmic clearing, you may need time to process and integrate after a session. Please plan your day accordingly, do not over-schedule yourself and always listen to your internal wisdom.

Micro-Retreat Immersions. This is the fast-track, a gentle but absolutely definitive reset button for when emergencies come up and serious work is required. Maybe you have a big presentation coming up, recently experienced a life-altering loss, or you’re stuck in a pattern you know is not serving you. We will enter into sacred ritual space together, take our time to break open, process and re-integrate your current situation with your new intentional codes. You will be completely transformed on the other side and ready to start life anew. Option for couples, family or friends available, please contact me for more info.

Group Coaching. Email me for customized curriculum. Please allow a minimum of 90-minutes blocked for set up, clean up and Q&A after the session. I reserve the right to promote individualized coaching sessions, refer your attendees to my website, or obtain personal email addresses for my newsletter unless otherwise specified. Please contact me for a customized agreement/arrangement:

Workshops and Seminars Available. Please reach out to me to design your workshop to meet your group’s needs.

CONQUER YOURSELF rather than the World…

-Rene Descartes

Services for Practitioners – Hourly rates, barter, or other arrangements available. If you’ve found me through the community and you are a healer, you are of special interest to me in the work I do. The more I can serve, support and bolster you in your practice, the better work you will do for your clients, and thus we improve as a collective. If you are feeling depleted, deficient, drained, or otherwise debilitated by your current work, struggle to balance healthy lifestyle around your work, you likely have an energetic leak and I can help you. If you need business admin support, consulting, or marketing support, etc., please see our Agency services page at: You are never alone in doing good work on this Earth. I am humbled and honored to support your purpose and your work.

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