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Our culture is moving our kids towards greater dependency on devices, towards an “entertain me,” programmed mindset and attitude. I teach embodiment techniques to kids that combines mindful breathing practices, emotional awareness and regulation with primal movement. These practices establish an internalized system which becomes a foundation of lifelong mobility, joint health, stress reduction and adaptivity. These techniques grow with your kiddos and can support them in athletic performance, improved focus to achieve their goals, anti-fragility and mental and physical self-defense. Your kids will have fun while learning simple skills to self-regulate and deescalate conflict. The movements will also wear them out with a fun, full-body workout while activating their deeper imagination and preserving their playful spirits. Your kids will grow to be more independent, while developing healthy self-awareness and respectful relationships.

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Fae Magic Workshops for Kids (and Adults!)

Outdoor walks to search for fairy spaces, make offerings, observe nature, learn how to resource from our environment.

Fairy house building workshops. Everything you could ever want to know about working with fae magic to bring magic and joy into your life. Contrary to some popular beliefs, the fae actually love and protect children, so long as we are kind-hearted and treat our children as the little miracles that they are! Kids go crazy with excitement and imagination building fairy houses. Highly recommend for your birthday events or other kids’ gatherings. All materials included, but I also encourage you to source found objects around your home, and ask your children to donate old toys or treasures as a “gift” to the fae. Contact me for more info and scheduling.


For your daycare, church group, summer program — single class $300/one hour up to 15 kids

Private Classes Available — Single sessions $100/one hour up to 2 kids

For additional kids or questions, feel free to call or text me directly 512-522-2039 or email using the link below:

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