What is all this talk about? What is “Embodiment?” What is “Conscious Lifestyle Evolution?” To be honest, I struggle with describing what I do at times! Part of the reason is that every single person has a unique path and challenges very specific to their situation, which is always changing!

The only constant is change.”


The moving target of our best-version of ourselves is as illusive as our thoughts and emotions. As soon as we think we’ve figured it out, a new element will come along to cause us to doubt, question, or completely change our mindset. This is the nature of our nature: growth and change.

Core Values Assessment

What truly matters to you? What are the values (not the traumas, though these can be intertwined), that were passed down through your family? What have you learned through trial and error? What do you sacrifice for without second thought or hesitation? When we place our attentrion on this, you will be able to streamline your life, delegate your time, and have more and better energy for the things that matter most t you. You will develop natural flow and easy “no” for anything not in your path and purpose


No matter how much we know or think we know about ourselves, we are each of us an unfolding mystery. As we grow, evolve and adapt to our circumstances, our identities present themselves, sometimes in unexpected ways. Through a combination of self-assessment tools, like astrology, numerology, Myers-Briggs, Core Value Assessment, applied practice and more, you will develop a clearer baseline for your primary operating system. Like a computer’s program, some of these traits and aspects can be re-written, while others are more like core attributes that cannot and should not be changed.

Trauma Integration

*Recommended alongside a professional therapy practice.* Somatic awareness and education can help move trauma stored in the body into spaces where we can process our experiences safely. Meditation, breathing practices and mindfulness practices work in conjunction with movement therapies to allow for independent processing and integration. I am not a counselor nor a psychiatrist. I strongly encourage you to establish a “circle of care” around yourself when processing and integrating deep or pervasive trauma issues. Recommendations available.

Movement Therapy/Badass Training

A combination of functional fitness, primal movement, yoga, dance, martial arts, self-defense training all with the intent of establishing you more confidently and gracefully in this reality. Want to move like a ninja? Need to lose weight? Feeling stuck in a routine that is toxic for your body? Emotional eating or low energy no matter what you do? Movement is the fundamental building block of Embodiment. How you feel, right now, in your body, today, IS your reality. We cannot have one thought, one emotion, or ANY thing happen to us, that is not seated in being incarnated in the physical form. I spent more that 20 years RUNNING from my body and pouring all negative projections into my body, unaware and in-cable of recognizing that I was poisoning myself, body/mind/spirit. If you have body dysmorphia, self-hate, insecurities about your shape, you have a complex of issues that require a holistic solution. You can’t just go to the treadmill and run for 20 minutes 3x a week. You NEED an embodied practice that includes the emotional and psycho-spiritual elements that address your mindset and self-confidence as well as building your self-love back up so you can feel GOOD and happy about being in your body. I can help you develop that confidence to walk with fire, in any situation and in any style of clothes, while helping you to reshape your body so you love what you see in the mirror.

Conscious Relaxation and Meditation Techniques

Ever said out-loud to yourself: “I can’t meditate, I can’t sit still!” Have you ever cancelled plans or simply not shown up, due to an anxiety or panic attack? Have you undermined or self-sabotaged your dreams, seemingly right when everything was coming together, because you’re not sure you can trust, or because you feel you do not deserve to receive? Our mindset creates our perspective and thereby, our experience. The people in our lives feel and respond to what is going on with us on an energetic level. If your energy is chaotic, confused, scattered, the universe and all your relationships will treat you as a chaotic element. You will struggle to achieve goals, you will wonder “what happened??” when everything seemed full of potential, just to fall apart. In order to coalesce energy and create a life you want, you need to be grounded, stable and open to reality. You must divest of your illusions and be able to trust the mystery of life. This is the hardest work that anyone can do. Our complexes and neurosis, our ideals and dreams and fantasies, become more real and dear to us sometimes than our own families. Our desire to escape into the world in our minds, for good or for purposes of self-punishment, removes us from the flow of life and robs us of our potential. Embodiment practices put you right where you need to be and deserve to be: eyes open in the driver’s seat of your life.

Spiritual Services

I am available to officiate for your life’s important changes: marriage, birth, divorce, death. I hold space for sovereign beings in loving community. I am a pipe-bearer and can provide services to connect you more deeply and cleanly to your ancestors, guides and your life’s mission. I am Reiki certified and a life-long intuitive healer.

Ritual Markings Tattoo

I provide commitment rituals via custom sacred tattoo, done live with a manual needle, no gun involved. These tend to take longer, some believe they are more painful (less distraction from the gun) and tend to be more simplistic in design. All tattoo appointments include a clearing ritual and connection to your life’s mission and guides. Reach out to me direct for design ideas and follow on IG @ritualmarkingstattoo

Please reach out with any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to manifest a more inclusive, harmonious and intentional reality for us all through supporting your individual grace and empowerment.

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