Guided Meditation – Personal Temescal

This is an elemental-based guided meditation blending Earth-based ritual medicine and elemental chakra activation to reset your personal energetic field. Use this meditation anytime you need to reset and refresh your energetic field.

Personal Temescal Elemental Healing

In 2017 I began teaching Kundalini Yoga classes at Serasana Westlake in Austin, Texas. I had not yet graduated from my teacher-training program at Yoga Yoga and teetered between profound gratitude and impostor syndrome. As it happened, true to the adage that we are never presented with experiences not meant for us, I found myself settled in to this role easily and had a wonderful experience teaching. I’ve always been intuitive and throughout life had visions, insights and wisdom that seemed to come from beyond myself. In our family tradition, we call this beyond-knowing “Silent Knowledge,” it is a space all living beings have access to for their development, insight and evolution. Many people simply call it Intuition, but I believe it is something more: as we center ourselves in peace amidst the dynamic tension of the place where inner and outer, self and other, or any polarity of self-identification, what yogis call shuniya, we access this place with more ease, recognizing that there is little difference between the subjective and the objective beyond our chosen focal point of reference.

Despite my prior experience and other-worldly awareness, nothing could have prepared me for the intuitive experiences that came during teaching yoga and holding space for others. As student began settling in for class, I would call in their individual guides, ancestors and lessons to assist them in their individual evolution and peace in their lives. One class, during the last 20 minutes in shavasana, after calling in the support team, I “saw” in my mind’s eye each participant as a sort of bubble of light, covered over in various densities of matter. As they relaxed and settled into their breathing, the energetic beings who responded to the call for assistance, went to work: moving, shifting, massaging and scraping away the various mud-forms that covered up the energetic bodies of their incarnate family member. This experience planted a seed in my mind that has never left me, and led me to creating the elemental practice you’re about to experience.

The summer following my first year of teaching Kundalini Yoga, I was fortunate to follow my mentor, Siri Bahadur Khalsa, to Tulum for a One Yoga Global yoga retreat. It was a beautiful trip, more than a week of yoga with my favorite teachers in such a beautiful and magical place! Also my mom was able to join me. So many wonderful stories from that trip, but it was also my first experience of a sweat lodge experience outside of the Cherokee tradition I grew up around. In Tulum, the ancient Mayan traditions are experiencing a cultural revival. Spiritual tourism being very alive and well in Tulum, several Temescal sessions were offered during our stay at Maya Tulum, a gorgeous wellness retreat center and boutique hotel.

My experience in the belly of Pachamama on the night of a full moon, with my sisters and brothers on the path, with my mom next to me, with the Earth and elemental spirits around and supporting us all, and all our families with us in spirit, providing strength, asking for healing through our process of healing ourselves, was absolutely transformative. I have a strong mindset and desire to be of service and I asked the Great Spirit at that time for the humility necessary to prepare myself in pure service to whatever my mission was to be here on Earth. That is a story for another time, but one of the outcomes of this experience began to water the seeds of my previous experience of the mud-covered energetic fields I had witnessed in class over the previous year. The questions for me became: Does one need to travel and sit in community for the benefits of the sweat lodge? Coupled with the state of the world this past 18 months, I was guided to work out a process by which anyone, anywhere can benefit from a conscious relationship to the elemental energies around and within us, from the comfort of our own home. While this meditation does not come even close to the visceral community experience of an in-person sweat facilitated by a medicine person, it will provide with a unique and powerful safe space where you can reconnect and reset yourself, from the ground up!

Guided Energetic Sweat Lodge

From the premium audio download: “We will resign ourselves and return to the womb of the mother. In this meditation, we will work with the elemental energy throughout the body to refresh, renew and transform your energetic field with the grace, blessing and warmth of Mother Earth.”

This guided meditation begins with a Kundalini Yoga tune-in then leads you through a full-body relaxation and gratitude process to settle deeply into the Delta frequencies of the brain, resulting in a deep state of self-hypnosis and profound system-wide relaxation of your nervous system. Once the body and mind are fully relaxed and receptive, we then move through each of the elemental energies, from most dense to most refined. As we take time to focus on and integrate each of the elemental energies, we experience in the somatic field (body-mind interface experience) how the elements interrelate and respond to transform one another and the systems they support. Our bodies are constantly working to achieve homeostasis with our dynamic experience and responses to life. When we enter into a meditative state of any type, we are consciously activating our parasympathetic nervous system, which is the self

-regulatory system of the body. High levels of stress, or constant low-grade stress causes this system of the body to perpetually work against the constant production of cortisol, low-grade tension and the consequences of this stress-response system upon the body.

When we intentionally put ourselves in a consciously relaxed state and activate our parasympathetic nervous system, we allow the body to “take rest while awake,” unlike normal sleep, we can then use this state to self-hypnotize and reprogram our body’s habitual functions and stress responses.

Following this meditation, you will feel reinvigorated, rejuvenated, more alive and more connected with both your own body and our shared environment. Try it out and please share the link to purchase and download with friends and family to support this work and my ability to offer it:

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Thank you, I wish you peace and freedom of spirit.


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